SuRF Canada

Remediation projects often come with a hidden cost: the environmental impact of the clean-up itself.

Cleaning up contamination and preparing impacted land for reuse requires substantial energy, water, and other natural resources. It also may involve excavation and disposal of polluted soil and groundwater, installation and operation of large pumps, treatment vessels, and other equipment, and possible discharge of carcinogens, greenhouse gases, and other harmful materials into the environment.

To address these challenges, a group of environmental professionals organized the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF)


The mission of SuRF Canada is.

To establish a Canadian network group to promote "sustainable remediation" that aims to give systematic consideration to the three dimensions of sustainability (social, economic and environmental), in decision-making about rehabilitation of and management of contaminated sites. The network will bring together public and private organizations and launch an information and awareness initiative in Canada.